Film & Television

As Producers we have been involved in a number of  local and international Feature and TV projects.

Feature and TV credits

Cold Harbour

Cold Harbour – Feature Film

While investigating a smugglers’ turf war in Cape Town, township cop Sizwe discovers police corruption. He must set loyalty aside to act with integrity, alone.
Director: Carey Mckenzie
Producer: Tendeka Matatu
Co –Producer: Rachel Young

The Abyss Boys

Set in the slums of a small fishing community on the southern coast of South Africa, the drowning depths of illegal abalone poaching has become a dangerous life that Jimmy, a legendary ex diver, has to escape from. Wanting to save AB, his rebellious young brother from Gonyama, the violent gangster who AB admires, Jimmy devises a plan to give him and AB a new beginning and a new life. But on a stormy winters day when Jimmy gets his chance to escape, nothing can prepare him for what happens.
Producers: Rachel Young & Tendeka Matatu
Best Short Film award at the 6th Africa Movie Academy Awards



Street Kids United – Documentary

A group of homeless children in Durban are chosen to represent South Africa in the first ever Street Child World Cup. For them, football might be a way to a brighter future.
Director: Tim Pritchard
Producers: Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Rachel Young, Tendeka Matatu


The Bird Can’t Fly – Feature Film

Melody returns home to Fairlands for the funeral of her estranged daughter. But the town has almost disappeared under the encroaching desert. She finds out she has a 10 year old grandson. Melody decides to take the boy away, but he resists.
Line Producer: Rachel Young


TAX incentives in South Africa

The South African Government offers a package of incentives to promote its film production and post-production industry.

The incentives consist of:

  1. The Foreign Film and Television Production and Post-Production incentive to attract foreign-based film productions to shoot on location in South Africa and conduct post-production activities.
  2. The South African Film and Television Production and Co-Production incentive, which aims to assist local film producers in the production of local content. 
  3. The South African Emerging Black Filmmakers incentive, a sub-programme of the South African Film and Television Production and Co-production Incentive, which aims to assist local emerging black filmmakers to nurture and grow them to take up big productions and thus contribute towards employment creation.

For further information on the tax incentives and required documents please refer to:

cat-bulletWe are happy to assist with the DTI application process.

In Development – Documentary

augAgulhas: Adrift is a standalone ‘eco-adventure’ documentary to send the message that we need to protect the world’s oceans and climate from irreversible change.

At the surface, this is a high-octane extravaganza, a story about ambition, the forces of nature & the richness of life underwater. Dive deeper, and a far bigger picture – with an infinitely valuable agenda – reveals itself in glorious 3D technicolour.